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Presentations for which we have permission to post are hyperlinked to the meeting presentation folder. Questions about presentations should be directed to the speaker and emails are located in the abstract booklet.

Ropeless Consortium
Annual Meeting
26 October 2020

Keynote/Opening: Sean Brillant, RC Chair – Canadian Wildlife Federation

Session 1: Marking Systems

Session 2: Retrieval Systems and Testing

Session 3: Market Interests, Management and Policy

Panel Discussion

Adam Kenney – Canadian Wildlife Federation/Cape Sable Island fisherman
Rob Martin - NOAA Gear Specialist, South Shore Lobster Fishermen’s Association
Martin Noel – APPCA
Marc Palombo - offshore fisherman

Breakout Session Discussions
Participants will access this breakout session via zoom link on the main Ropeless Meeting landing page. Once in the zoom discussion, all participants will have the ability to be on or off video. All participants will be muted upon entry, and can turn their mute off when speaking. We will run four moderated discussions during this time. Please utilize the hand-raise function to be acknowledged by a moderator to participate with a question/comment.

Ropeless technologies: Perception vs reality

Moderated by Mark Baumgartner/Lyne Morissette
A discussion of the current state of ropeless fishing, including what remains to be done to (1) evaluate its operational and economic feasibility, (2) implement at a commercial scale to provide options for fishermen affected by time-area closures, and (3) consider ropeless fishing as a viable remedy to mitigate whale entanglements range-wide.

Testing/trial protocol framework

Moderated by Sean Brillant/Elizabeth Baker
Discussion of recent and current tests and trials, data collected, data gaps, and enhancing the framework moving forward.

Risk discussion: What level of risk is acceptable?

Moderated by Michael Moore/Sean Brillant
Vessel strike reductions have embraced strategies that retain some risk. Likewise trawl groundlines between traps have residual risk. How is that risk factored into ropeless deployment plans, and discussions?

Ropeless Consortium role and looking forward

Moderated by Mark Baumgartner/Michael Moore
Review of the consortium's achievements to date, and what it can usefully do in the next few years.