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Presentations for which we have permission to post are hyperlinked to the meeting presentation folder. Questions about presentations should be directed to the speaker and emails are located in the abstract booklet.

Ropeless Consortium
Annual Meeting
19 October 2021

Session 1: Retrieval Systems and Testing

01.01: CSI on-demand fishing: Conservationists, scientists, and industry collaborate to trial gear

  • Erica Fuller – Conservation Law Foundation

01.02: Using ropeless in closed fishing areas: Sea trials of snow crab fishing gear in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

  • Philippe Cormier, CORBO, Inc

01.03: Developing and testing a ropeless fishing system designed to remove gillnet buoy lines to reduce entanglements of North Atlantic right whales and test gear tracking technology to reduce derelict fishing gear

  • Zach Klyver, Blue Planet Strategies

01.04: EdgeTech underwater hardware and Trap Tracker Application improvements

  • Robert Morris, EdgeTech

01.05: LobsterLift - Developing a low-cost ropeless gear for in-shore lobstermen

  • Cormac Hondros-McCarthy, Lobster Lift, LLC

01.06: Implementing a co-developed experimental assessment of on-demand gear with commercial fish harvesters in Atlantic Canada

  • Elizabeth Baker, Canadian Wildlife Federation

01.07: Development and preliminary testing of a low-cost time release for ropeless traps

  • Bart Chadwick, Sub Sea Sonics

01.08: Pathway to pop-up gear authorization in California

  • Geoff Shester, Oceana


Session 2: Marking Systems

02.01: Choosing a buoyless gear location marking method to accelerate commercial development

  • Mark Baumgartner, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

02.02: W-Pico: Real time information gathering and actuation via miniaturised underwater wireless Networks

  • Chiara Petrioli, WSense Srl

02.03: Surface marking of ropeless gear

  • Kortney Opshaug, Blue Ocean Gear

02.04: Status update of Ropeless RISER™: A ropeless fishing system with automated gear location and integral chart plotter display and control

  • Harold Vincent, Ropeless Systems, Inc.
  • Dave Capotosto, Ropeless Systems, Inc.

02.05: Design for an international virtual fishing gear marking system to reduce whale entanglements

  • Kim Sawicki, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth


Session 3: Market Interests, Management and Policy

03.01: Procurement options to support use of ropeless gear in U.S. lobster and Canadian snow crab and lobster fisheries

  • Hannah Myers, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

03.02: Economic feasibility of ropeless fishing

  • Carolyn Alkire, Northeast Fisheries Science Center

03.03: A progress update from the Mass. DMF on-call fishing gear scoping project

  • Noah Oppenheim, Homarus Strategies, LLC

03.04: Gear innovations in California’s commercial Dungeness crab fishery

  • Morgan Ivens-Duran, California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Greg Wells, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

03.05: From experimental to commercial ropeless fishing in Atlantic Canada – Advances and remaining challenges

  • Ed Trippel, Fisheries and Oceans Canada


Panel Discussion – Fishermen’s Perspectives

Moderated by Sean Brillant

  • Adam Kennedy
  • Martin Noel
  • Richard Ogg
  • Chris Roebuck
  • Chris Stowell

Breakout Session Discussion

Buoyless fishing: Progress on the Remaining Challenges

Moderated by Mark Baumgartner, Sean Brillant, Michael Moore

A discussion about progress and challenges towards ropeless gear as a viable tool for use by commercial fisheries, particularly in whale closures. Challenges to be discussed will include gear location marking, permitting and enforcement, economics, and reducing gear conflicts among fleets.