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Abstract Submission

​Submissions are due no later than August 19, 2022
Please read through the format of this year's meeting HERE.

The Ropeless Board is currently accepting abstracts for both "live" and pre-recorded/viewed video presentations at the 2022 Annual Meeting. Your participation in the meeting does not preclude a presentation type. In person and virtual presenters may opt to do either a "live" or pre-recorded/viewed presentation.

"Live" presentations:
In-person live presentations will be just that - delivered live, in person.
Virtual live - presenter will be live on screen, introduce their talk, but a pre-recorded presentation will run in order to minimize tech issues with switching computer control and internet challenges.

Pre-recorded/viewed presentations:
For both in person and virtual participants, presentations will be pre-recorded and viewed prior to the meeting.

​Participants wishing to present at the 2022 Annual Meeting (in person or virtually) must submit an abstract for review no later than August 19, 2022. Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and should be formatted as shown HERE . Submission should be completed online. Those who have previously presented at the Annual meetings will be asked to briefly describe the significance of new work to be presented. Additionally, multiple participants from an organization will be asked to describe the significant differences in their work.

Please complete and submit the abstract submission form (see link above). Please be sure to indicate your topic preference on the submission form.

Presentations (both live and pre-recorded) should be no longer than 10 minutes unless longer formats have been requested by the Ropeless Board.

Please see important information for presenters HERE.