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2018 Ropeless Consortium Annual Meeting

06 November 2018
New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA

Meeting Publication: Ropeless fishing to prevent large whale entanglements: Ropeless Consortium report

Participant List

For questions related to presentations, please contact the presenter directly

Welcome and scientific update
Welcome and scientific update: Michael Moore
Update from the Take Reduction Team meeting: Scott Kraus

Ropeless gear retrieval and marking systems
Ropeless acoustic trap/pot marking systems: Mark Baumgartner
An 'endless season' of ropeless fishing trials, Desert Star Systems: Marco Flagg
Development and testing of line free fishing gear to reduce entanglement of North Atlantic Right Whales: Richard Riels
EdgeTech Ropeless Fishing System: Rob Morris
Fiobuoy F Series, a ropeless buoy solution to marine entanglements: John Fiotakis
Ashored Innovations: Maxwell Poole
On-call buoy, bottom-stowed line spool: Keenan Ball

Experimental gear testing and feedback
MLA and IFAW working hard to preserve right whales: Dave Casoni and CT Harry
Southern Gulf of Saint Lawrence snow crab fleet: Robert Hache
Initial ropeless gear trials in the California Dungeness crab fishery: Geoff Shester
NOAA Fisheries' Northeast Fisheries Science Center gear research: Henry Milliken

Experimental fisheries and regulatory and policy change
Ropeless experimentation and the regulatory landscape: Michael Asaro
Whale safe fishing gear to reduce the incidence of entanglements in North Atlantic Right Whales: Ed Trippel
"Ropeless" fishing, the Massachusetts perspective: Erin Burke

Market interests: building a whale-safe advantage and investment opportunities
The MSC and North Atlantic Right Whales: Marin Hawk
Seafood market connections: Michelle Cho
Ropeless fishing investor interest: Stephan Reckie and Nick Lukianov

Ropeless Consortium summary: Michael Moore