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2019 Ropeless Annual Meeting Agenda and Presentations
13 November 2019
University of Southern Maine, Portland
2019 Ropeless Consortium Annual Meeting Agenda


For questions related to presentations, please contact the presenter directly

Right whales in ropeless context update – Michael Moore, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Technology Status: Gear Location Marking
Development of an acoustic self-locating system for gear marking – Mark Baumgartner, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Controlling the EdgeTech 5112 Ropeless Fishing system using Trap Tracker – Greg MacEachern, Edgetech
Teledyne Benthos acoustic deckbox for location of subsea traps – Julia Rugo, Benthos

Technology Status: System Updates
Ropeless RISER – an end-to end system to implement a ropeless fishing capability – Harold Vincent, DBV Technology
Desert Star Update – Marco Flagg, Desert Star
Field testing the on-call spooled buoy system in an offshore commercial pot fishery -Richard Malloy, Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life/New England Aquarium
SMELTS update – Richard Riels
Ashored update – Maxwell Poole
Lift update – Cormac Hondros- McCarthy

Testing ropeless technologies for crab fishing gear in the Gulf of St. Lawrence – Phillipe Cormier, CORBO Engineering
Creating a framework for the evaluation of ropeless fishing gear using fisher perspectives – Elizabeth Baker, Canadian Wildlife Federation
Overview and progress of collaborative buoyless research – Eric Matzen, Northeast Fisheries Science Center/NOAA

Science, Government and Legal updates
Identifying areas of highest entanglement risk—updates to the Risk Reduction Decision Support Tool – Jason Roberts, Duke University and Burton Shank, Northeast Fisheries Science Center
GARFO Update – Colleen Coogan and Ryan Silva, Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office
Roadmap to ropeless fishing – Sean Hayes, Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Canadian support for ropeless fishing and Gear Innovation Summit 2020 – Ed Trippel,Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Negotiating a legal settlement that allows ropeless fishing – Kristen Monsell, Center for Biological Diversity

Economics and Marketing
Sourcing Seafood with Reduced Risk to NARWs – Michelle Cho, Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life/New England Aquarium

Near-term development – Mark Baumgartner, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution